Rum Tum Tugger

Rum Tum Tugger is the cat who has a human family who actually lets him do almost as he wants to, so he has become very spoiled. He is a tall maned, black cat with leopard coloured fur on the paws and the chest.

Rum Tum Tugger acts the sexiest of the tomcats and the females, especially the kittens and one kitten in particularly (Etcetera) goes crazy over him. It seems as he like Jemima the best out of the kittens tough. But he has something for Bombalurina, they flirt and tease each other constantly.
During his song he tease Bombalurina, dropping her to the floor and pushing her. It seems like he's never going to grow up and act mature, much to his halfbrother Munkustraps annoyment.

He has a deep respect for Old Deuteronomy and Mistoffelees, it's just that he doesn't show it very often.
When Old Deuteronomy get's cat-napped, Rum Tum Tugger knows he can show the others that he can show some maturity and be trusted. As he suggest that they should let Mistoffelees try to get Deuteronomy back. And when he succeeds in bringing him back, Tugger is the proudest of all the cats and makes sure the eveyone know that it was he who had suggested Mistoffelees and helped in returning Deuteronomy.

But besides this, he just want to have what he won't get, and if he gets it looses the interest on it.
He's an undecided tomcat, who always likes to make chaos.
Kind of a "bad boy" in a love-to-get-in-trouble-way.


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