My Elfwood Gallery
Fantasy art by me. Such as Elfs and Unicorns and some more...
This site features some of my portraits of "Jemima". Mostly based on Veerle Casteleyn's looks.
Ahdeya's Little Corner Of the Junkyard
The one who originally designed this site and also a fellow artist and CATS fan!
Rum Tum Tugger - "A curious beast"
My sister's homepage.
Rio's Realm of Reality
My very good friend Clare's site.
Absolute Munkustrap
Trude's page, all about Munkustrap!
Bombalurina's Page
My friend Lone's page, dedicated to Bombalurina.
Original CATS art by Michaela Olofsson
Per Jonsson's collection of paintings and drawings made by me!
The Jellicle Chronicles
Chilling action, seductive romance and unseen bravery! Includes some illustrations made by me!


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