Original Cats art by Michaela Olofsson

I have purchased the watercolor paintings, and
the pencil drawings below, from the artist
herself, Michaela Olofsson. She was a student
at the high school where I work, and she graduated
in 2000. She is a very talented artist indeed!

Click on a picture to see the full size version!

Jemima (Sillabub)

Rumpleteazer Victoria

Jemima (Sillabub) Bombalurina and Demeter

Victoria and Jemima


Bombalurina & George
(A gift from Michaela!)

Click on a picture to see the full size version!

I have also purchased a Mermaid (acrylic) which Michaela
painted in 1998, and a made-up Cats-like character called
Tailkinker (watercolors and acrylic) from 2001! And
she has also painted a portrait of Patsy Cline (watercolors)
on my request. Click here to see that portrait!

Artist: Michaela Olofsson
Owner: Per Jonsson

Click on the banner below to go to Michaela's
homepage, where you can see more of her work,
and she also has a few items for sale there!

This page has received the Artistic Excellence
Award from French Natural Publishing!

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