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Bally's "Dolly Parton"

"Dolly Parton" was manufactured by Bally
Manufacturing Corporation from October 1978.
One of the first "solid state" pinball machines.
Design: George Christian; Artwork: Dave Christensen.
Model number: 1162-E; Production run: 7350.
Serial number on this machine: EDP7854.
(IPDB entry)

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Playfield Lightbox/backglass

Machine, front view

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Gottlieb's "Surf Side"

"Surf Side" was manufactured by
D. Gottlieb & Co. from Dec. 1967.
Design: Ed Krynsky; Artwork: Art Stenholm.
Model number: 231; Production run: 1750.
Serial number on this machine: 8089.
(IPDB entry)

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Machine, side view Machine, front view

Playfield Lightbox/backglass

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